When I am not painting I am traveling the world with my photography business or spending time with my husband and our small son in our home in downtown Boulder, CO.

I use my abstract painting as a practice in non-judgement. I almost never have a plan when I begin making marks and I am intrigued by what happens when I allow my subconscious to take over and guide me.

I have always been a visual artist but it wasn’t until I began the hard and heavy work of healing old trauma and confused patterns in myself that I began to explore abstract painting.

My therapist asked me in one session “What do you think you would do with all that energy if you weren’t spending it on these old hurts?” I went home that evening and began painting. It started as a way to take a break from allowing that harsh critic inside myself to dictate what and how I do things all the time. It was my attempt to be kinder to myself for a period of time, even if it was just for the hours I had a brush in my hand

Eventually these paintings started to become something, they felt like they had always been inside me and they were so happy to finally be born. Now, here we are, some time later and I have these visual representations of my own healing and somehow that has become relatable to some of you, which brings me so much joy.